Paradise of Gumasa
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Palawan Tourist Arrivals 2012  hit the 625,000+ mark
Palawan Tourists Projected Arrivals 2013 is  815,000

Palawan Tourist arrivals are expected to increase further by 25 percent in 2012 and 2013 to around 625,489 and 815,611,

respectively. The province expects to breach the 1-million mark by 2014 when it will see a 30-percent growth in

tourist arrivals to around 1.060 million.

By 2015, the province hopes to see a 35-percent increase in tourist arrivals to around 1.431 million,

before breaching the 2-million mark by 2016. By the end of President Aquino’s term, the province believes it

will have a 40-percent increase in Palawan Tourist arrivals to 2.004 million.

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Philippine Dept. Transportation to upgrade Palawan Night Landing Operations in Busuanga - Palawan  Airports


The Department of Transportation and Communications and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines are inviting interested bidders for the P434.5 million worth of contracts for the supply of communications equipment and meteorological instruments and power supply system for these airports.

"This situation shows positive growth in the country’s economy; however congestion of arriving and departing aircraft in Manila’s premier airport is a dilemma of the air transport sector and needs to be addressed by the DOTC and CAAP,” the statement said.

In order to ease congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the DOTC and CAAP agreed to upgrade the night landing operations of eight airports in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization standards & recommended practices of the United Nations.

Abbamania’ goes to Palawan on Sunday on

April 21 2013

To celebrate Earth Day, Friends of Palawan Mayor Edward Hagedorn led by Rajan Gidwani are mounting a fund-raising show for Hagedorn’s proenvironment projects in the province. “Abbamania,” the official tribute concert featuring the music of legendary Swedish pop group Abba, will have a performance tomorrow at the Puerto Princesa Coliseum.

Hagedorn is known to have zealously campaigned for Puerto Princesa’s Underground River to be named as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature

Tropical Paradise of Gumasa          

Gumasa :   TV host Kris Aquino with co-hosts Melai Cantiberos and Jason Francisco stroll on the  White Sand  of Gumasa in Glan whileshooting on location for ? Kris TV?. Gumasa is the venue of Sarangani Bay Festival held  each May which has become the biggest beach party
in the  Philippines.

Kris Aquino said that because she loved Gumasa so much, she would help promote tourism there and Mindanao in general.                                                           

                                               Paradise Rosal Beach of GumasaGumasa  Beach      





Rosal Beach - Gumasa Paradise Royal Beach of Gumasa

Traveling to the southernmost part of the Philippines will surprise you to find some of the most under rated places and some were not even heard before but possesses high potential for tourism. It was only by chance that I accidentally found myself in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines and the name of the place never crossed my head for the last 30 year of my existence. 

My original plan was to visit the Tuna capital of the Philippines, General Santos City, but with some rumors I heard from the locals , they kept suggesting to visit Gumasa where according to them , I will truly enjoy my trip to the unknown place.

Like a Virgin 

So, without further ado, I excitedly hit the beach. I was awed by the panoramic view that seems to be possible only in dreams. It was a revelation  that Sarangani, southernmost province of the Philippines, host a  unique place that can't be compared with other places. 

The beach has  at least 7 km crescent moon shape of a white sugar powdery sand beach almost untouched by the capitalist civilization that made it more appealing just like any virgin resources, free from any intrusion of mankind

The place was very serene and the beach was very clean that you won’t find a single human made litter on the fine white coral sands. The place was like a deserted place where there were only few delighted visitors wandering in the new found paradise.

Aside from being a tourist attraction, the beach is also a source of livelihood among the local dwellers.  I even saw a young boy wandering at the rocky end of the beach hoping to find something he can serve for lunch to his family.

Paradise  of  Gumasa 

Paradise of Gumasa

Paradise of Gumasa - White Haven Resort


I found out that the best beaches which boasts of fine white sand in this part of the country is located in Gumasa This is being touted as the Boracays of the south. This I had to see for myself.